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China's Uyghur Playbook: A Campaign of "Transnational Repression"

May 11, 202225:17

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW, we are joined by  Bradley Jardine, Global Fellow with the Wilson Center’s Kissinger Institute.  He discusses his latest book, Great Wall of Steel: China’s Global Campaign to Suppress the Uyghurs, which highlights the dramatic increase in China's strategic targeting of the Uyghur Muslim population since 1997 and how this targeting has increasingly crossed international borders.

Great Wall of Steel Book Cover

Great Wall of Steel: China’s Global Campaign to Suppress the Uyghurs

Through his research, interviews, and travels in Russia, China, and Central Asia, Mr. Jardine has compiled the most thorough known database of worldwide Uyghur renditions. Sadly, we can be sure that his record is far from complete. Bradley Jardine has gone where the evidence led him. He does not write for geopolitical reasons—he is not interested in blackening China’s eyes as part of the competition between China and the West. He has written this report only out of concern for the welfare of people targeted by China’s security ministries.


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