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Looking Deeper: Reshoring and the Semiconductor Workforce

Date & Time

Oct. 24, 2023
10:00am – 11:00am ET


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A major goal of federal activity on semiconductors is focused on reshoring or ally-shoring chip production where possible, which has resulted in a wave of investment in new US-based fabrication facilities by semiconductor giants like TSMC. These fabrication facilities come with enormous demand for skilled labor, from highly-skilled engineers to technicians with specialized training, and while these jobs pay very well, they can also be highly stressful and demanding. Is the United States workforce ready to fill these jobs? This panel will discuss policy solutions to boost our supply of highly-skilled and specialized workers.


Binil Starly Headshot

Binil Starly

Director, School of Manufacturing Systems & Networks, Arizona State University 
Daniel Kroth

Daniel Kroth

Associate Director, Society at the Special Competitive Studies Project
Shari Liss Headshot

Shari Liss

Executive Director, SEMI Foundation
Bo Machayo

Bo Machayo

Director, US Government and Public Affairs, Micron Technology

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